This herbal blend is specially formulated to master the balance and harmony of heat impacted body systems. *

  • Cools your body systems against summer heat*
  • Helps recover from heat fatigue and dizziness*
  • Quenches thirst and helps regain energy*

All Herbs, Nothing Else

Herbal soothing aroma and flavor

Herbal natural sweet

Caffeine free

Key Ingredient: Beggarticks

Most of the ingredients in this blend are Taiwan native grown herbs.

This blend can be ordered by various forms such as tea bag、extract powder/ capsule/ liquid & sustained release microparticles. Due to production requirement, minimum order for each form may be applied.



Top-Quality Innercool Herbal Infusion

Herbal Divinity offers 100% natural InnerCool Herbal Infusion without any added ingredients. We mainly concentrate on quality and fulfill the standards of the Health Embassy.

These InnerCool Herbs are used for:

  1.     To cool down your body systems against scorching summer heat
  2.     It also helps to recover from heat fatigue and dizziness
  3.     This herbal infusion quenches your thirst and enables you to regain energy
  4.     It keeps you hydrated and refreshing all day long

Our herb is easy to use and make; it can be consumed as an infusion or tea. We supply hand-packed herbs that are plucked by qualified pickers.

We believe that the quality of our lives is determined by our moods, minds, and fitness. Right? You can boost your overall health by nourishing your body with herbs. Our refreshing herbs can make your day when you sip tea’s herbal infusion!

It is suitable for the stomach, and this herbal blend is specially formulated to master the balance and harmony of heat-impacted body systems. Moreover, it enhances your ability to survive in high temperatures by providing increased energy levels. We export top-quality inner superb herbal infusion in bulk to various parts of the world; the consumption can be in the form of tea or medicine as per your choice.


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