Herbal Divinity is an herbal teas and supplements supplier, developing, marketing and supplying our own specialty herbal blends, each with specific health function.

Our Goal & Commitment

We develop our herbal blends with a goal of supporting our body systems to achieve balance and harmony.

We commit to make contribution to human wellness against current harsh environment and pollutions. Thus, we carry through our commitment by developing and marketing only few herbal blends and yet they do work for human health.


We Develop Herbal Blends Following Chinese Medicinal Theory & the Five Elements

Each ingredient of an herbal blend is carefully selected to serve a specific health element and all ingredients work together to achieve the harmonization of a specific health function (Please refer the page of The Five Elements in Chinese Medicinal Theory).

Our Herbal Blends

  • For summer heat
  • For lung health
  • For liver health
  • For vision health
  • For digestion health
  • For brain health
  • For cardiovascular health

Why herbal blends?

Single herb is hard to achieve the complication of balance and harmony, only compound herbs would do. Each herbal blend contributes a part of health functions and all blends together contribute our goal for human wellness.


Pure Herbs, Nothing Else

herbal soothing aroma and flavor

herbal natural sweet

caffeine free

1217 Taiwan Medicinal Herbs

Taiwan is a home to an abundant varieties of wildlife and tropical、subtropical & high altitude plants. 5146 native plant species are recorded by Taiwan botanical researchers. Out of these, 1217 wild and cultivated herbs are formally recorded as medicinal plants by Taiwan′s Committee of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy (CCMP).

All herbal blends can be tea or supplement forms

All these blends can be ordered by various forms i.e. tea bag、extract powder/capsule/liquid & sustained release microparticles.

Due to production requirement, minimum order for each form may be applied.

ODM Welcomed

We welcome worldwide buyers/importers to market them with your own brand names.

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