Liver Sweeper

Liver Sweeper

This herbal blend is specially formulated to master the balance and harmony of liver-associated body systems.

  • Boosts liver’s natural cleansing process and aids in detoxification*
  • Boosts liver self-repair and regeneration*
  • Stabilizes moods and emotions*

All Herbs, Nothing Else

Herbal soothing aroma and flavor

Herbal natural sweet

Caffeine free

Key Ingredient: Bignose Rhinacanthus

Most of the ingredients in this blend are Taiwan native grown herbs.

This blend can be ordered by various forms such as tea bag、extract powder/ capsule/ liquid & sustained release microparticles. Due to production requirement, minimum order for each form may be applied.



Organic Herbal Liver Cleanse Tea

Finding out a great way to cleanse your liver? Proper functioning of the liver is critical to overall health because it is a vital organ that removes waste products, processes various nutrients, and aids in vitamin absorption. We at Herbal Divinity offer Organic Herbal Liver Cleanse Tea at an affordable price and with natural ingredients. It is generally made up of a healthy blend of herbs that have traditionally been used to maintain healthy liver function.

This liver cleanses tea improves the protection and function of the liver. Our liver is one of the body’s largest cleansing organs, and its cleansing is essential for healthy metabolism and detoxification to improve overall functionality and support the liver. A happy, healthy liver aids the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

Why Drink Our Herbal Tea?

We’ve been selling this particular liver cleanse tea for years, and its usage is traditionally in practice to promote healthy liver function. The ingredients that are added are great in taste along with unlimited benefits. Moreover, they are suitable for uplifting the mood and leave you feeling refreshed, clear, and vibrant.

Take a sip and be well.

Not just are our prices affordable, but we mainly focus on the overall quantity of our natural herbal liver cleanse tea.


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