Blood-V Sweeper

Blood-V Sweeper

This herbal blend is specially formulated to master the balance and harmony of cardiovascular systems.*

  • Boosts and regulates blood and chi circulations*
  • Revitalizes blood cells*
  • Assists to normalize blood pressure which already in normal state*

All Herbs, Nothing Else

Herbal soothing aroma and flavor

Herbal natural sweet

Caffeine free

Key Ingredient: Salvia

Most of the ingredients in this blend are Taiwan native grown herbs.

This blend can be ordered by various forms such as tea bag、extract powder/ capsule/ liquid & sustained release microparticles. Due to production requirement, minimum order for each form may be applied.



Taiwan Organic Blood Cleanser Herb Supplier

Taiwan Organic Blood Cleanser Herb Supplier is a well-known brand supplying good quality herbs that aids blood cleansing while improving your body’s overall health. Our blood cleanser herb cleanses the blood by increasing the effectiveness of each of the body’s natural elimination systems. Its diuretic properties effectively help the kidneys filter impurities from the blood.

Moreover, we have made our cleanser formula with a specific combination of herbs to help in the purification and health of blood. It has a natural and refreshing taste that will make your day!

Apart from nourishing and circulating the blood, it also helps improve the functioning of other body organs such as the liver and kidneys. It detoxifies them, so you have an enhanced metabolism and fresh blood. Furthermore, it helps in blood circulation and starts the process of remineralization of blood by maintaining its viscosity.

Purchase our Blood cleanser Herb

Herbal Divinity blood cleanser herb is hand-plucked by experienced farmer partners; they preserve the freshness of herbs to provide a refreshing cleanse of the body.

This blend is available in various forms, including tea bags, extracted powder, capsules, liquid, and sustained release microparticles. We entertain our valuable customers by taking bulk orders at a fair price.


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